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How are we? “” Scared, hung over? ” Behind our backs with Christmas meals, family and work lunch and dinners… Last night with the celebration of New Year, abusing the tastes and pleasures. Already we are entering the idea of starting to take the diet again and get in shape.

Many begin the year with new promises, with them they intend to carry a diet, a healthy life, to join the gym and so on … However in a few months most people leave the previously chosen path, which would lead them to their goal and when summer comes with an excuse or another will continue to justify their failure.
Why? -What is the reason why many people can’t be faithful to their goals and not be able to experience the pleasure and joy of having reached their dream and enjoy, wearing the desired body, feeling sexy and confident of themselves?
The reasons are several and quite complex.
The first of the reasons is that many people do not know why they do it, what is the reason why they want to achieve this purpose … by a social expectation; by the approval or reaffirmation of others around us. What is the reason why you decide to get in shape? Any true answer, whatever it is, will be enough important to remind you in your difficult moments and do not fall into Temptation, laziness or surrender and so on…
So write it down, always keep it in front of you, in a board or in the screen saver of your phone or your computer. Worry that this message that keeps you on the path and that leads you to your goal is in your sight and that permeates your mind in the subconscious. When more emotions awakens this phrase , this image, this message in yourself and makes you remember your most powerful purpose will be your autosuggestion, self-conditioning for success.


My visualizing and automotivational board

Every day we are exposed to hundreds of suggestions through the media .. “Eat this, drink this another, do that and so on” .. To counteract all these external influences created by the economic interests of industry companies Food and the “good example” of society we need a mental reinforcement, a guide, a mental injection.

So with few words just MOTIVATE YOURSELF day and night with a photo, with an image, a video or some music ….

I wish you a prosperous year in health, in joy and love, that you succeed in everything!

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