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Hi everyone!
Welcome to my new blog and my official website.
After so long unpublished again I am here to share my knowledge and my experiences with all those who are related to the world of physical development and with a healthier, more prudent and conscious life.

For more than 21 years I started my journey in the world of weight lifting and more than 18 years working as a personal trainer, so I have had the opportunity to gather a lot of information in different fields and understand the basic fundamentals of physical exercise, nutrition and supplementation to lead a healthy life.
This knowledge I intend to share with all those people whom are interested in achieving their goals just as I did and they can enjoy  from a higher health and mental wellbeing than the normal, ordinary.
I believe that there is a lot of information that everybody need to know and I feel the enormous responsibility of doing this work in order to reach more people than I can can through my personal training service. I am convinced that it is our responsibility to collaborate, to contribute to make this world a better place, more joyful and happier, that nobody can abuse  from our ignorance and can tease us and take us to lands without return.
I hope that I can help you and serve as a guide not only theoretical but also experimental so that you can break your limits.

“Your best investment be You!
Visit my blog every week to see new content and send me an email for the topics that interest you!
A hug and Merry Christmas to all of you and for your loved ones.

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